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Coaching or Programming?

Friday, August 24, 2012

If we really have to be honest about the way most teams play their rugby today there is hardly any difference between the sides.If you had to change the colour of the jerseys you would not know who is playing who.All the teams are so structured in their style of play that there is no place for the individual with flair or the unpredictable.Coaches must remember that there is a huge difference between coaching and programming. Currently most coaches are busy with programming and are developing robots. Players who cannot, and are not, allowed to think for themselves. They have to stick to the structure and the systems set up by the coaching staff.Coaches who are busy coaching will develop highly skilled individuals, who can think on their feet, make quick decisions and use their basic skills to out manoeuvre the opposition defences.Most coaches do not go out and look for players that can do the unexpected; they go looking for players that fit into their structures and systems. It’s a safe option and an easy way to coach.Coaches are just copying each other all the time instead of developing their own style. Tactically you see the same things being done by the teams i.e. pods, one-off runners, mauling, all the senseless kicking etc…The same is happening to our future captains. They are also not allowed to make tactical decisions on the field of play. They have to wait for the signals and calls from the outside, which means that it has to come from the coaching staff on the side of the field. What are we busy with?It just seems to me that coaches are too scared to try something different and to test the current stalemate we find ourselves in at the moment. I am sure someone will break this bad virus at some stage and then hopefully all will follow.Alan Zondagh  

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